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Map of Pennsylvania Counties. A. Hunter is proud to manage communities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We can accommodate your community in whatever county it's located.


A. Hunter Property Management, Inc., was incorporated and started by Lisa Stewart-Miller in 1995. Lisa had worked for a large property management company and began the Manufactured Home Division when the company began managing communities. Management of these communities was different than all other real estate. After setting up and running the division Lisa had a daughter and decided that she wanted to be home with her, not just dropping her off at daycare in the morning and having dinner with her in the evening. That’s when the decision was made, she was going to start A. Hunter Property Management, Inc.

23 years later and A. Hunter is going strong. We are one of very few companies that SPECIALIZE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF MANUFACTURED HOME COMMUNITIES IN PENNSYLVANIA. A. Hunter manages over 2000 sites and continues to grow. We pride ourselves on knowing this industry inside and out, as that’s all we focus on.

A.Hunter deals with every aspect of managing and running a manufactured home community! We have worked diligently to assure that your community thrives daily. We have a strong system for inspections, we deal with the tax offices, and we work hard to assure that all of the daily operations of your community are running smoothly. We handle your community as if it were our own. Its our priority to satisfy YOU!

We are happy to say we have the same owners/communities that we started with 23 years ago.

A. Hunter has recently branched out and obtained our Dealership License through the State of Pennsylvania to sell manufactured homes. This is a big step and we are very excited. Our focus is to help our owner/communities get their communities up to 100% occupancy.

You will find A. Hunter to be loyal and dedicated and we will do everything it takes to make sure your property is running and profiting as it should be.

A. Hunter continues to stay on top of the industry. We are very involved with PMHA, attending trainings, and continuing to learn every day. We are on top of the abandoned home procedures and have even attended the trainings on installing homes. We never stop learning so we can provide you with the best possible services.

We can provide you with a care-free solution to rental/income property ownership by handling the routine operations and challenging day-to-day dynamics of owning and managing a manufactured housing community.

This will free up your time and allow you the flexibility you’ve always desired to focus on other important responsibilities, or to simply enjoy some well deserved time off. A. Hunter Property Management, Inc. will provide you with the confidence of knowing your business investment is being handled effectively and efficiently and yet is easily accessible to you when needed.

Imagine having a buffer of experience between you and the everyday problems of community ownership/management. A liaison relationship that will enable you to finally enjoy the benefits of your investment and peace of mind ownership.

Call today to discover how we can help you.

Lisa Stewart-Miller


Lisa Stewart-Miller has been involved in Property Management since 1997, and holds a degree from Penn State University. She has obtained her Real Estate Sales License, PA Real Estate Broker’s License,  PA Dealership License, and Dealership Salesperson License.  In addition, Lisa is a HUD Certified Manufactured Home Installer for Pennsylvania, holds her Notary License and Card Agent Licensing to handle the paperwork for manufactured housing between her customers and the PA DMV. Lisa worked with a management company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where she implemented their Manufactured Housing Division. In 1994 she began A. Hunter Property Management, inc. The company focuses on the management of manufactured home communities throughout Pennsylvania. She held a strong belief that it was important to focus strictly on this area of the industry so that she could provide the very best services to her clients. It was in 2018 that Lisa set out to obtain her Dealership License, when she did she opened A. Hunter Homes. This step has allowed her to sell manufactured homes. In 1994 the company began with 2 employees and now employs over 25. The company has also flourished now managing over 4200 manufactured housing pads.

Lisa is on the PMHA Community Committee and very involved with PMHA and the manufactured housing industry.   In addition, Lisa serves on the Board of Directors for Brittany’s Hope in Elizabethtown, assisting abandoned children in Ethiopia, Vietnam and Kenya.    Lisa also cherishes time spent with her daughters and grandson.


Suzette Trey

Administrative Manager

Suzette was born and raised in Lebanon, PA and is graduate of Cedar Crest High School. Suzette left a rewarding position at Hershey Medical Center and joined the A. Hunter Property Management, Inc., team in 2001.

Suzette is a huge asset to A. Hunter Property Management, Inc. and the owners we manage for.    Suzette works with our community owners and residents, manages the office team, helps develop company policies and is an integral part of the daily operations at A. Hunter.  Our residents really enjoy working with her.

Suzette is a member of PMHA and takes every opportunity to stay abreast of current regulations which affect the manufactured housing industry.

She is proud to be an integral part of A. Hunter’s growing  company and works hard to continue to learn and educate herself with regard to all aspects of the manufactured housing industry.

In her free time Suzette enjoys spending time with her 2 grown children, her husband, family and friends.



Kala Sammer

Administrative Support

Connie Santana

Office Manager

Connie Santana is our Administrative Assistant. Connie began answering phones for A. Hunter 11 years ago and has worked hard to become our full time Office Manager. Connie takes care of resident concerns, working with the tax offices, coordinating many of the office functions. Connie has been a valuable team member and we would be lost without her dedication and loyalty to A. Hunter. She is always there to help our residents and make sure they are satisfied and happy in our communities.

John Santana

Inspection Team

Gabrielle Kale


Gabrielle Kale joined A. Hunter March 2021.   Gabrielle handles resident accounting for A. Hunter.

Mark Emberger

Community Inspection Team

Mark Emberger is one of our property inspectors. He is dedicated and thorough and the residents and owners both admire and respect the job he does. Mark’s job is to make sure the residents are complying with the rules and regulations, the community itself is being maintained and safe. In addition, Mark also attends our hearings and does a fantastic job. He is extremely detailed and organized and we are so happy to have him as an employee of A. Hunter